How to create a survey in Datamaran

Datamaran’s materiality module includes dedicated functionality to create and manage internal or external stakeholder surveys and include the results in your analysis. The surveys are fully customizable to align with your company's image and requirements.

To create your survey: 

1. Go to the survey module on the menu on the left

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2. You will land on the “All surveys” tab, here you will be able to manage your existing surveys and create new ones by clicking on the “New Survey” button.

How to create a survey in Datamaran 2
3. By clicking on the “New survey” button you will land on the page where you can start building and tailoring your survey step by step using the following edit settings:  

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  • Issue mapping: select the issue mapping used in your analysis. Once your survey has been sent, you will not be able to edit the topic mapping selected for the survey. 
  • Survey questions: decide if you want to include one or two questions in your survey and tailor the survey questions and text to adapt them to the company’s language and needs. You can also add here up to 5 open questions to gather extra information.
  • Recipient identifiers:  add the fields in your survey to collect additional information from the recipients of the survey, such as their location or stakeholder role (both optional information).
  • List of recipients: to get the data to send the surveys, download the template file, fill in the recipient’s information, and then upload the file (name and email are obligatory fields). Beware not to have hyperlinks in the emails. Otherwise, we will get errors when uploading.
  • General survey content: to further personalize the survey, you can upload your company logo and edit or translate the texts that appear on the introduction and final page. This includes the different navigation buttons that will appear in the survey.
  • Outbound email: You can send customized emails using the Datamaran servers, in which you can edit the text or send it manually with your recipients' list. 
  • Survey end details: once we activate the survey, the start date information will appear. The same happens once it is ended. If needed, you can re-open the survey. 

4.  Save each of the steps by clicking the “Save” button.

5. You can see a preview of the survey by clicking on the “Preview” option. 

7. Finally, once you have reviewed your survey, you can activate it by clicking on the “Activate” button; please note that you can not edit the survey once it has been activated.

8. Send your survey by following the instructions here.

9.  Back in the “All Surveys” tab to check the survey status, how many recipients have answered the survey, the percentage of responses,  and the last modification date. See more here.

10. To end the survey, you need to click on the button “End Survey.”

11. Once the survey ends, you can download the results in an Excel document and upload them to your analysis. See more here.