How do I make the most of the Executive Dashboard’s Insights?

As a customizable solution, Datamaran allows you to conduct bespoke risk assessments to meet your specific business needs. 

(You require “Datamaran for Executives” to use this function)

From enabling you to build a complete picture of your global risk universe, to understanding what your peers are doing, or what the likelihood of a particular risk is on your business. 

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Here are some tips for making the most of the software: 

Set clear objectives

Before conducting a risk analysis, set a clear objective for what you want to better understand or achieve. Once you have a clear goal in mind, customize the inputs through the set up to meet your objectives – and change the parameters to get more specific or uncover additional information.

Examples of objectives include:

  • Monitor external risks more regularly;
  • Track emerging risks through a systematic process;
  • Improve internal assessment of risks with additional information;
  • Integrate ESG risks into risk assessment; 
  • Increase efficiency in the risk assessment process.

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Review insights regularly

Datamaran provides an Overview for each analysis to ensure you are on track of your risks as they evolve over time. We recommend updating your risk analysis every quarter to track their evolution and identify weak signals in order to remain proactive and increase resilience.


Share findings with your core team

Review findings during quarterly meetings, and other outputs with your team. This will enable you to discuss and put in place proactive measures to address gaps, discuss strategies and set up effective action plans.