How do I set up an External Risk Analysis on the Executive Dashboard?

(You require Datamaran’s Executive Dashboard to use this function)

To set up your External Risk Analysis, navigate to the Executive Dashboard.

Click on ‘Create New’ in the menu beside the analysis name.

Fill out the Risk Analysis parameters by:

  1. Naming the analysis, type a name for your analysis in the textbox. 
  2. Select your universe of risk by choosing the issue mapping to be used for your analysis. Datamaran provides data-driven, industry-specific Issue mapping templates curated by our experts and aligned with major reporting standards; you can use the one that corresponds to your company's sector or the one you are using in your materiality analysis. Please note that you are able to edit the existing issue mappings and tailor them for your analysis, see how to do it here.
  3. Select the relevant parameters you want to populate your analysis with from the drop-down boxes:
    • Industry(ies): The Datamaran Executive Dashboard industry classification is based on SASB's Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®). By default, your company’s industry is associated with our database. You can edit it if needed and select another Industry. 
    • Country(ies) of operation: The default setting is based on the country where your corporate headquarters are located; you can add your countries of operation or influence from the drop-down list and you can select a whole region instead of individual countries.
    • Companies for benchmarking: select key peers or companies of interest to benchmark your disclosure against. You must select at least one peer, we recommend selecting around ten peers.
  4. Click ‘Run Analysis’: our software automatically scans our database of external sources to conduct a unique analysis based on the parameters you input. 
  5. You will then be directed to the Risk Overview page where you can explore the insights in detail.How do I set up an External Risk Analysis on the Executive Dashboard?

    All completed analyses are saved to the Executive Dashboard, where they can be accessed at any time. Note that for the analyses with monitoring will show the latest version of the analysis.

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