What are the benefits of Datamaran's Executive Dashboard?

When combined with clear objectives, effective management, and regular use, the Executive dashboard outputs can inform and improve three key business processes: risk management, board oversight, and annual reporting. 


Better Risk management

- Add an external perspective to your Enterprise Risk Management approach, complementing your internal data and assessment.

- Build an analysis tailored to your requirements.

- Use data to identify blindspots in your risk register with clear categories of risks to action and monitor. 

- Understand your external landscape by exploring issues, topics and factors.

- Streamline your process throughout departments and geographies.


Better Board oversight

- Stay on top of your evolving risk landscape to proactively identify and respond to emerging challenges in an ongoing and dynamic way. 

- Gain strategic insight to discuss with your Board and senior management.

- See how your peers are taking action and how you compare.

- Have more informed discussions to improve business outcomes.


Better Reporting

- Strengthen your external risk reporting by identifying gaps and opportunities for disclosure
- Move from static irregular reporting to dynamic ongoing reporting

- Ensure transparency through audit trail access for internal and external audit

- Boost credibility and provide a new insurance policy thanks to the use of an evidence-based approach 


In a nutshell, the Executive Dashboard can help you to:

- Make better decisions using a systematic, data-driven approach

- Identify blind spots through sophisticated technology representing a new form of insurance policy for Senior management and Board members 

- Monitor existing threats, opportunities and weak signals across a broad and evolving universe of data