What is the Stakeholder view tab in Datamaran's analysis?

The stakeholder view tab presents you with a view that displays the final ranks for how your company has ranked the issues and the unweighted ranks for each stakeholder group included in your analysis.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 17.33.45

This view can be utilized in order to understand where there may be misalignment on issues across stakeholder groups or against your analysis results and your stakeholders.

Within the table, you are able to sort the rankings by column to see how each stakeholder is ranking the issues. By clicking on the top of the column, the issues will be ranked in ascending order; clicking again will change it to a descending order. Within the table is also a colour gradient, with darker shading for an issue indicating greater importance.

You can also access the stakeholder deep-dive pages from this view by clicking the highlighted cells. Click here for more details.