How to integrate other custom stakeholder groups into your Datamaran's materiality analysis

In order to complement Datamaran sources and further tailor your analysis, you can add up to 12 custom stakeholders to the analysis.

You can populate the custom stakeholders with data from Datamaran's corporate reports database or your own data.

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Step-by-Step Summary:

  1. First, select the analysis you wish to edit 
  2. From the "Menu,” select “Settings"
  3. Click "Add new" option
  4. Name your new stakeholder group
  5. Choose if you want to use Company Reports or Custom Data
  6. If you choose to use Company Reports, you need to:
    a. Select which company reports to use: latest sustainability reports and/or latest annual financial reports or 10Ks.
    b. Select countries, industries, and/or specific companies

If you choose to use your custom data, follow the steps in this article.