How to add your data into your Datamaran materiality analysis

In order to complement Datamaran sources and further tailor your analysis, you can add custom data to the analysis. An example can be the inclusion of employee satisfaction surveys from your HR department in your analysis.


You can add custom data to both the optional and custom stakeholder groups.


You will find the “Custom data” option in the tabs corresponding to these stakeholders. Data must be uploaded in the format defined by the template file available directly on the platform.

  1. Download the template file (note: you can use any scale; Datamaran will automatically rescale your input in the scale used in the results table).
  2. Transpose your data in the template file by editing the issue score in column B.
  3. Rename the file and save it on your computer.
  4. Upload the template file by selecting the ‘upload file’ button.
  5. You will see the data populating the stakeholder table
  6. You can continue to edit your parameters or run the analysis.