Best practices for engaging with stakeholders on your priority ESG issues

Datamaran provides an end-to-end business process to identify and prioritize ESG issues by allowing you to automatically screen the competitive, regulatory and media environment to understand which issues are relevant and important to your organization. 

Additionally, direct stakeholder engagement can provide further insights and allows companies to keep in touch with their stakeholders whilst validating the results obtained through Datamaran and keeping a pulse of key stakeholders’ expectations.

To succeed in your engagement with your stakeholders, we recommend the following:

  1. Build a preliminary materiality analysis using Datamaran’s data-driven tool.
  2. Organize a stakeholder workshop session to discuss and validate the results of the preliminary materiality analysis.
  3. During this session, allow time for stakeholders to all anonymously complete a survey through Datamaran during that time (allow for up to 20 min).
  4. At the end of the session, describe the next steps in the analysis process.
  5. Group the respondents according to the relevance that each stakeholder group has for your company. Avoid having more than 15 groups.
  6. Share the final version of your materiality analysis with key stakeholders.