Which topics does Datamaran track?

Overview of Datamaran's topics

Using cutting-edge AI technology, Datamaran provides evidence-based insights and supports a structured business process for external risk management. The foundation of the platform is a list of topics reflecting the external business risk landscape: Datamaran's proprietary Topics List.

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How Datamaran's topics ontology is maintained to reflect & support risk management

Datamaran's Topics List is itself the basis for our ontology - a combination of relevant keywords, term locations and syntax relationships that lets Datamaran analyze unstructured sources such as corporate reports, regulatory documents and news media using natural language processing. The result is insights into the relative importance of different business risks, validated through a science-based process that combines the expertise of our clients and team of ESG, risk, finance and data science experts.

Far from being static, the ontology is a growing, evolving foundation that remains relevant to businesses around the world as their context changes. It models the external business risk landscape by orienting around key business issues. To this end, the Datamaran ontology is framework and standard-neutral, and regularly enhanced to include new terms, topics, and contextual information so companies are able to keep a finger on the pulse of emerging issues. The last major topics update was completed in May 2023.