What to do when your password to access Datamaran doesn’t work

When a new account is created on Datamaran you are given a temporary password.  For security reasons, these credentials are valid for 7 days. If you do not log in during this period your details will expire and you will need to request a new password by emailing ask@datamaran.com.


Please note that your temporary Datamaran password consists of characters, punctuation, and digits, so please be careful to not include any unwanted spaces. If the temporary password assigned does not seem to work, please try to copy it manually. 


When given your temporary Datamaran password, you will need to set your own password after your first login. Please make your password memorable, however, should you forget your password you can easily reset your details by clicking the ‘Forgot your password’ link.


The video below explain you how to set up your password



Should you still be struggling to log in to the platform feel free to contact us at ask@datamaran.com.