What is the Summary tab in Datamaran's analysis, and how to read it?

The Summary tab offers an overview of how an issue is ranked within your matrix. In addition to this, it offers a detailed insight as to how stakeholders are ranking the issue, how individual Datamaran topics are contributing to these rankings and how the issue is reflected from a double materiality perspective.


The summary tab consists of three parts, the issue ranking, the issue composition and double materiality.


The Issue ranking


The Issue Ranking will display information about the issue ranking detailing where the issue is in your matrix and whether it is a low, medium or high priority issue. It will also show where the issues are ranked according to your company and by your different stakeholders included within the analysis, allowing you to directly compare how the issues are ranked between you and your stakeholders.

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The Issue composition


The Issue composition is a part of the summary tab that offers you further insight regarding the issue’s scoring on the matrix and the performance of each individual topic within the issue. 


Within the Breakdown by stakeholders, you are able to see the weighted contribution of each stakeholder group to the stakeholders’ issue ranking.


The Topic contribution chart allows you to see how much each Datamaran topic is contributing to the overall issue. This will just be taking into account stakeholders which are represented by company reports, regulations, initiatives and online media.

What is the Summary tab and how to read it?  2


Within the Issue composition you are able to click on any of the stakeholder groups or use the drop-down menu in order to view how the topics are contributing from the sources for each stakeholder.

What is the Summary tab and how to read it?  3


The final part of the summary tab is a view of how the issue is appearing within the Double materiality graph. This will show both how likely the issue is to materially affect your business (this is represented by the financial score) and how likely the issue is an area your business may materially affect. This is scored on a 0-1 basis and from a scale ranging from Low- to High +.

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