What is the reputational risk driver tab in Datamaran's Executive Dashboard?

(You require “Datamaran’s for Executive Dashboard” to use this function)

The reputational risk tab presents a trendline with the general public opinion for each risk, each topic within the risk, as well as the ten most mentioned companies on the risk in your analysis over the last three months.

You have two different views:

View for all Topics

The topic view breaks down the risk into the underlying topics. The trendline represents all companies in the analysis on each of the topics. You are able to enable and disable topics from the graph by clicking on the topic name in the legend.

What is the reputational risk driver tab?

View for top 10 Companies

This View for Top 10 Companies revelas the risk trendline for the top 10 discussed companies for risk, to help you understand which company has the biggest influence on public opinion for the selected risk. You can enable and disable companies from the graph by clicking on the company name in the legend.

What is the reputational risk driver tab? 2

For both views, the dotted line represents the total amount of articles that have been analyzed for a selected risk.

The reputational risk driver analyzes English online news. Our software uses Aylien, one of the the largest news databases available on the market, and is validated according to:

- Mainstream coverage.

- Industry coverage.

- Geographical coverage.

Datamaran assesses these dimensions to ensure the user has access to a complete spectrum of sources. Online news coverage canvasses general public opinion (mainstream media) to compliment Datamaran’s corporate disclosure and regulatory databases