What is the ‘Monitoring’ tab in Datamaran's Executive Dashboard?

(You require “Datamaran for Executive” to use this function)

The complete external risk universe, represented as your ‘Risk analysis’ is compared to a snapshot you can create to see how those risks changed in likelihood.  If there are risks that have a significant likelihood increase, Datamaran will automatically highlight those for your attention.

To get started with this monitoring, log into the Executive Dashboard and navigate to the Monitoring tab. If you haven’t generated a new version of your analysis in a while, we recommend doing this first by clicking the Generate New Version link - this process enables monitoring and should be followed at least quarterly to keep a fresh pulse

The likelihood Monitoring analysis is summarized in a chart showing in the Y-axis the list of risks and in the X-axis the likelihood score (calculated according to their prevalence across all analyzed sources).

 The monitoring analysis offers you two view options: 

  • Highlighted Risks: Datamaran recommended option highlights the risks that present a "statistically significant likelihood increase. This is automatically determined by comparing all risks and looking for risks whose likelihood increase is above the average. Click on an increased risk to see more details on the sources driving the change Note that you might not see significant changes in likelihood during stable periods, and the number of risks highlighted can vary.
  • All Risks: The risks are ranked on the Y-axis based on their new rank position, whether they have increased, decreased or remained stable over the selected period.