What is Datamaran's Executive Dashboard competitive risk drivers tab?

You require “Datamaran’s for Executive Dashboard” to use this function)

The competitive risk drivers tab presents a heatmap with the emphasis level of each of the companies selected during the analysis setup. This information allows you to identify the companies that are placing a higher emphasis on this risk in their annual disclosures (leaders) and those companies that are not (laggers). It also allows you to see the level of emphasis on each of the topics included in the risk. You can click on the emphasis level box to see the information detailed by report type.

What is the competitive risk drivers tab?

The level of disclosure at the topic level is presented according to Datamaran’s emphasis score, which accounts for the total number of related mentions to the topic, as well as where those mentions are made within the assessed reports. It is an average from the latest annual sustainability and financial reports. 

The topic scores are transformed numerically and aggregated at the risk level (not shown) to calculate the  ‘Overall disclosure benchmark. The ‘Overall disclosure benchmark’ - indicated by Lead, Middle and Lag - offers insight into the level of disclosure on this risk in each company’s latest annual financial and sustainability reports compared with the other benchmarked companies.