What is the Breakdown tab in Datamaran's analysis and how to go through it?

The Breakdown tab presents a table organized by the most important factors related to the Datamaran topics within your selected issue from your analysis. The ‘Factor Importance’ is a qualification of the relative importance of each factor in determining the overall issue-level score within your defined Benchmark and NewsFlow sources, transformed to a High/ Medium/ Low scale. 


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The Breakdown tab has a twofold goal: 

  • It presents your company-specific issues broken down into their priority factors in an automated, easily understandable overview.  ‘Factors’ can be broadly understood as action areas that should be considered and integrated into your company’s strategy setting, risk management and reporting practices. This ensures that these key processes are consistent and include the most material ESG risks and opportunities - and as always, ensuring those important decisions are based on reliable and actionable data.
  • It identifies relevant disclosure metrics from the most widely-used standards, including GRI and SASB,  listed alongside these factors,  when available. This indicates what your audience expects to be disclosed to demonstrate sound issue management of ESG issues. 


Click on the applicable label in the GRI or SASB columns to view the related standard disclosure requirements. 


What is the Breakdown tab and how to go through it ? 2



To view the factors and standards related to another issue, use the ‘Issue’ drop-down list to choose another issue from your matrix, this list is organized alphabetically.

What is the Breakdown tab and how to go through it ? 3


 To navigate back to your Analysis, click the Matrix View button at the top of the screen.