What is the ‘Breakdown’ tab in Datamaran's Executive Dashboard, and how to go through it?

(You require “Datamaran for Executive” to use this function)

Access this tab by opening a risk in a Risk Group and clicking on the ‘Breakdown’ tab.

This tab presents your risk broken down into their topics and priority factors. ‘Factors’ can be broadly understood as action areas that should be considered and integrated into your company’s strategy setting for further action, risk management, and reporting practices. This ensures that these key processes are consistent,  and based on reliable and actionable data, and that decisions are taken accordingly. 

Relevant, disclosure metrics from the most widely-used standards, including GRI and SASB, are listed alongside these factors, indicating what your audiences expect to be disclosed and how to demonstrate sound Risk management.

Located under the ‘Breakdown’ tab of the Risk description page, the Risk Definition tab provides additional information on each Risk in the form of:


  • Topics: labeled as Covered or Not covered based on your latest 10-k or financial report’s risk section, refers to the sub-categories that collectively form each issue. Please note that some risks only include one underlying topic. An example of a Topic is ‘Chemical Waste’. It sits within the issue of ‘Waste & Hazardous Materials Management.


  • Factors: Refers to the underlying elements of a particular Topic. An example of a Factor is ‘Solid, Liquid or Gaseous Waste’. It sits within the Topic of ‘Chemical Waste’ and the broader issue of ‘Waste & Hazardous Materials Management.