What is Datamaran's data-driven materiality?

Datamaran’s materiality analysis leverages artificial intelligence and vast amounts of data to allow companies to identify their organization’s material issues.

Datamaran harnesses technology to support decision-makers with a revolutionary materiality analysis process based on:

  • Credibility – confidence in results that are data-driven and evidence-based.
  • Reach – analysis of a broader range of data sources and stakeholder voices.
  • Efficiency – time and resource-effective without compromising quality and accuracy. 
  • Transparency – an auditable trail of evidence supporting the analysis.
  • Relevance – analysis that can feed into key business processes, including risk management. 

Datamaran data sources represent different stakeholder voices. Large volumes of data are available for each source so that the materiality assessments can be based on thousands of data points from corporate reports, mandatory and voluntary regulations, and online news. 

The system gathers the data and computes the results in a way that ensures objective consistency in the methodology. Companies are always in control of the key parameters that drive the outcomes – peer groups, jurisdictions, regulators, and news web sources – and can apply a different weight of importance to each component.