How to scan your company’s ESG regulatory horizon with Datamaran

To help you to scan  ESG regulatory horizon across markets and industries, Datamaran has developed the Regulatory Search feature. This feature is based on a proprietary list of both soft and hard laws, primarily related to non-financial issues that are continuously updated by our regulatory team. 

To perform a Search in the Reports tab, follow these steps: 

1. Go to the Search module of the menu at the left side;

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2. Go to the ‘Regulations’ tab;

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The landing page of the Regulatory Search feature presents a summary of the Volume of information in our regulatory database. As a default setting, it shows the five most recently updated key regulations in our database.
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3. Use the search bar above to search for a specific regulatory initiative or to conduct your search by theme and refine your search using the available filters. 

You can select the status of regulations between

  • ‘Active’: refers to initiatives that are already in force or are applicable. 
  • ‘Proposed’  refers to the initiatives that have been proposed; they are not yet in force and are pending approval.  This could include but is not limited to legislative proposals, bills or equivalents. 
  • Or select them all 

You can select the Enforcement level to consider between

  • ‘Mandatory’: obligatory for legal persons to comply with and can be legally enforced in court. For these regulations.
  • ‘Voluntary’: the text is not binding but has more of an advisory nature. 
  • ‘Conditionally mandatory’: refers to initiatives that are mandatory to certain legal persons when certain criteria are met. For example, a guideline by a market regulator or an industry association for ‘members,’ so that if a specific organization is not a member, the initiative is not binding for them. Still, if the organization is or becomes a member, it must comply. It is also used for international treaties or conventions that are not mandatory for states that have not signed and ratified them, but once they decide to do so, they must comply.

You can focus your search on the following:

  • Regulations with sanctions
  • Regulations with disclosure requirements

You can filter your results by:

  • ‘Countries’ where an initiative applies (you can also decide whether to consider regulations with a global scope or not in your search by clicking on the ‘Global only’ box).
  • ‘Industry specific’  initiatives specific to an industry ( you need to select the industry of interest.)
  • ‘Topics’ the initiative addresses,
  • ‘Issuers’ entity or group of entities that publish or adopt an initiative.
  • ‘Targeted entity’ type(s) of companies the initiative directly applies to.  
  • ‘New or update since’ year of creation or update of the initiative.

How to scan your company’s ESG regulatory horizon 24. Once you click on Search, you will see a list of the initiatives within your search; results are sorted by relevance; based on the number of hits and the diversity of the fields. If you click on the initiative title, a  summary will be shown that provides a high-level description of the initiative’s legal text, geographical scope, its legally binding force, the targeted entities, the sanctions associated, and the sectors concerned, the type of regulator, a link to the source(s), and an overview of the non-financial topics referenced in the initiative, the link to this page is shareable, you can keep it for your records or share it with other people.

Once you click on Search,How to scan your company’s ESG regulatory horizon 3
 5. You can save your search and set up notifications by clicking on the ‘Save and notify’ icon. Saving your search will allow you to consult the results later by clicking on the ‘Load search’ icon.  The notifications help you to stay informed on regulatory developments, and receive a notification on the developments on a weekly or monthly basis via an automated email.