How is Datamaran's level of emphasis score calculated?

The analysis of the corporate reports is based on a methodology developed by our team of data scientists to assess the level of emphasis each company puts on a specific topic in their corporate reports.

Datamaran level of emphasis is ranked on a four-level scale: 

  1. High 
  2. Medium 
  3. Low 
  4. No mention

This classification has been built using statistical quantitative and qualitative methods and variables, including:

  • The number of sentences mentioning the topics ("hits"): valid occurrence of one of the search terms or any combination of search terms corresponding to that topic.
  • Location of the topic: for example, more emphasis is given if the topic is mentioned in the CEO letter than in a footnote.
  • The number of topic mentions per sentence; avoiding duplicate or multiple-topic mentions
  • The number of topics found in the document