How you can assign different weights to stakeholders in a materiality analysis using Datamaran

When using Datamaran, your company has the flexibility to assign varying weights to the stakeholders included in your analysis. It is important for your organization to determine these weights, considering factors such as the relevance of each stakeholder to your organization and the quality of the data associated with each stakeholder.


Accessing the "Rank Stakeholders" option in Settings, there are two ways you can do this:

    1. Use the "Relative Ranking" to assign the individual importance of each stakeholder regarding your company on a Low - to High + scale. 
      Assigning a value of None to a stakeholder group removes it from the analysis.
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    2. Alternatively, in the option "Set Manually", you can assign a percentage to rank each stakeholder group, selecting how much weight you would like to attribute to each stakeholder. In this process, you must ensure the collective weighting adds up to 100%.  
      Assigning a weight of 0% to a stakeholder group removes it from the analysis. 

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    Click "Save and run analysis" to apply the changes.