How are the risks included in your Executive Dashboard analysis selected?

(You require “Datamaran for Executive” to use this function)


The risks displayed in the analysis are associated with the industry(-ies) selected when setting up your analysis. Datamaran provides a pre-selected universe of risks that allows us to automate and accelerate the risk identification process with relevant risks. It also considers less prevalent risks that can materialize in the future and should be monitored. The comprehensiveness of the risk universe relies mainly on: 1) Major disclosure framework coverage, 2) Updates based on external developments, 3) Feedback from clients, partners and advisors.


The ‘Universe of risks’ or ‘mappings' are determined by the classification of industries they belong to: Primary (Extraction of raw material), Secondary (Production of finished goods) and Tertiary (Offering of intangible goods and services), or a combination of these. This higher-level classification allows us to further refine where in the value chain Datamaran’s topics are relevant (i.e. in the supply chain, in operations or for customers and consumers), and how topics were aggregated and the name of the risk (or issue) they belong to.


Some industry mapping also includes industry-specific topics that are relevant only to that particular industry and are therefore excluded from other industries’ risk universe (e.g. the “Ethics of clinical trials” topic is only included in the Healthcare industry mapping under the “Ethics in R&D” risk).