How are risks categorized in Datamaran's Executive Dashboard?

(You require “Datamaran for Executive” to use this function)


Once inputs have been selected for the risk assessment, our software automatically calculates and summarizes the results from three metrics to categorize relevant risks to your selected industry(-ies):

  • The Likelihood score determines:
    • the risks assigned in the “Action Required” meta-group (High Likelihood) and in the ‘Monitored’ meta-group (Low Likelihood); and
    • the order in which risks are displayed in the four risk groups.
  • The Velocity score assigns an icon to risks which likelihood scores have increased over the past three months.
  • The Public Risk Disclosure analysis determines which risks are ‘Fully covered’ or ‘Partially covered’ and have to be assigned to the ‘Existing to review’ and ‘Existing to monitor’ risk groups.