Do's and don'ts when creating your issue mapping

Datamaran’s issue mapping feature allows you to identify the most significant ESG issues for your company or sector among a universe of pre-set ESG topics and tailor those issues to your company’s existing strategy.


Use as many Datamaran topics as possible.

Only exclude the topics that are undeniably irrelevant or non-applicable to your business.

Use the data-driven, industry-specific topic mappings curated by our data scientists as a starting point. 

Edit your issues' names and descriptions in a way that is understandable both internally and externally.


Do not put the same topic in more than one issue because it may hinder the statistical validity of the analysis.

Avoid creating issues that are very broad (more than 5 topics) or very narrow (less than two topics), to ensure a similar level of granularity across all issues.